Who Is IDT Energy?

Founded in 2004, IDT Energy supplies energy to customers in the deregulated states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois, Ohio and the District of Columbia (DC). We are one of the largest independent Retail Energy Providers (REPs) in the United States, offering a host of flexible variable rate and fixed-rate energy supply programs.


Earn valuable rewards program points on every kilowatt-hour and therm of gas supplied by IDT Energy. Redeem points for gift cards, electronics, appliances, movie theater tickets, jewelry, sporting goods and more!

Fixed Rate Energy Supply Program

No one can predict with certainty whether utility rates will rise or fall throughout the year. IDT Energy SmartBudget offers the security of a “fixed rate”electricity supply program. Your Per-kilowatt-hour (kWh) supply rate is guaranteed to remain locked for 12 months.

Variable Supply Rate

IDT Energy SmartFlex offer a flexible variable rate program. Take advantage of Cash-Back rebates on the electricity and natural gas you consume. Rates are established on a (approximately) monthly basis based upon market pricing, transportation or transmission, and other market and business related factors.

Green Energy

Do your part to help the environment. Choose to purchase electricity that is 100% matched with renewable energy certificates and generated from sources like running water, wind, solar and biomass.

It’s a good time to get your holiday energy on!

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How It Works

Energy generators produce electricity and natural gas. IDT Energy shops for these commodities on the wholesale market and supplies them to your local utility. The utility delivers energy over its network of pipes and wires to homes and small businesses.

Choose Your Utility

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