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Every day you flip a switch and a light turns on. You open your refrigerator and you have cold food. You cook family dinner on the stove and reheat it later in the microwave. Energy is a part of your everyday life. How you choose to use energy in your home is up to you – however, with IDT Energy you can take advantage of a choice of fixed rate program that guarantees your energy supply rate for 12 months, or select a flexible variable rate program with special promotions and energy consumption incentives.


When you make IDT Energy your energy supply expert, you can choose flexible variable rate plans without long-term commitments, deposits, sign-on fees or early termination penalties. Plus, we offer our variable rate customers special promotions and other incentives. Alternatively, you can choose the peace of mind and budget certainty of fixed rate electricity supply programs that can help you avoid energy supply market volatility.


You have the option to choose an energy supply program that fits your needs.


Fixed Rate

Fixed Rate Program that allows you to take advantage of a fixed per kWh supply rate for a set number of billing cycles.


Variable Rate

Get up to $100 in free electricity supply! Plus Sign up your natural gas account with IDT Energy and get up to an additional $20 in free natural gas supply.

Green Electricity

Renewable or "Green Electricity"

Choose to purchase electricity that is 100% matched with renewable energy certificates representing the generation of electricity from renewable resources like running water, wind, solar and biomass.

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