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You have questions. We get that. Learn more about energy deregulation and how IDT Energy works with your utility to deliver the same safe and reliable electricity and natural gas to your home. Explore more about IDT Energy and the different offer details.

In many states and utility service areas, you can choose the company that supplies your electricity and/or natural gas. Often known as a "REP" (Retail Energy Provider), "ESCO" (Energy Service Company), "EGS" (Electric Generation Supplier), "TPS" (Third Party Supplier) or "ARES" (Alternative Residential Electricity Supplier), companies like IDT Energy compete for your business. Why does this matter? Instead of being locked into your utility to provide energy supply, you have a choice! We offer programs like IDT Energy Rewards and added value benefits like discounts on home services options. Unlike your utility we offer a selection of rate plans that include flexible variable rates, guaranteed fixed rates and green/renewable energy options.

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