Illinois Supply Rates

IDT Energy is certified by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to supply electricity to residential and commercial customers in the Comed territory in the sate of Illinois. Switching to an Alternative Retail Electric Supplier (“ARES”) such as IDT Energy is not mandatory. You have the option of remaining with your local utility for your electric supply service.

A host of energy supply products and programs are available.

  • Fixed rate plans offering budget certainty.
  • Variable rate plans with rebates and other incentives.
  • Traditional and green electricity supply options.
  • Register to earn points for every unit of energy supplied, redeemable for retailer gift cards and more.

Illinois Supply Rates

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Areas We Serve

  • Commonwealth Edison, Electricity

Past 12-Month Historical Variable Prices

IDT Energy (IDTE) "SmartFLEX" is a variable rate product. After the introductory period, the rate for the electricity supplied will fluctuate at IDTE's discretion based on numerous factors as explained in the Terms & Conditions. There is no cap on the rate. IDTE may change the rate without additional notice and such rate may be higher or lower than the utility's rate in any particular month. There is no guarantee of savings. The rates below represent the average rate per kilowatt hour of electricity charged by IDTE during each of the last 12-months. These rates did not apply to the distribution portion of the utility bill. Past performance is not an indicator of future pricing and/or savings.

Average Variable Electric Supply Rates

* Cost per kWh.
Utility Residential Service Dec 21 Jan 22 Feb 22 Mar 22 Apr 22 May 22 Jun 22 Jul 22 Aug 22 Sep 22 Oct 22 Nov 22
ComEd Brown $0.10925 $0.10485 $0.10485 $0.10485 $0.11540 $0.11540 $0.13690 $0.15650 $0.15240 $0.14570 $0.14570
ComEd Renewable $0.11925 $0.11985 $0.13475 $0.13475 $0.15560 $0.15560 $0.17930 $0.20060 $0.19860 $0.19520 $0.19520

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