How to Translate an Electric Bill l Part 1

Does your electric bill make you: Sure, you know usage is the biggest factor in how much your utility bills are. That’s why you changed all of your light bulbs, upgraded to energy efficient appliances and turn off the lights

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NY Prize Awards Development of Community Microgrids

Governor Andrew Cuomo, May 26, 2014. Credit: Diana Robinson Ever since Hurricane Sandy wreaked its deadly wrath on the Northeast, and especially in New York, state officials have shown a heightened interest in the idea of community microgrids. New York

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NJ Business – Energy Savings for Small Business

IDT Energy’s CEO, Geoffrey Rochwarger, recently spoke with NJ Business Magazine on how small businesses can save money on energy.  “While the economy in New Jersey has been slowly and steadily improving, energy costs in the state are still among the highest

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Read Your Labels to Get the Most from Your Purchases

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a program designed to help consumers understand the environmental impact their purchases have on the environment so they can make intelligent choices. The mission of the EPA is to protect the health

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Reward Yourself This Holiday Season!

IDT Energy Rewards IDT Energy customers can register online at today to start earning valuable reward points on every kWh of electricity and therm of natural gas we supply. Then redeem these points for popular retailer gift cards, electronics,

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Saving Energy in the Winter Can be Easier, and Cheaper, Than You Think

New York in Winter:Photo by  GK tramrunner Of course you would like to save energy and money this winter, but the budget for installing new energy efficient windows or insulating the attic, is just not there. Don’t worry. Here are

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IDT Energy SmartBudget Program is Expanding!

IDT Energy is excited to announce that we are expanding our SmartBudget program into three new utility territories! In Pennsylvania we have added PennPower and PECO to the line up which now includes all of the electric utilities that we

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Thanksgiving Energy Saving Tips

  Via After spending money on the Turkey and all of side dishes, who isn’t looking to save a few dollars before the holiday season? Here are 10 energy saving tips for cooking your Thanksgiving meal: Use an ice chest

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Ten Amazing Things to Make Using Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most useful and versatile household items commonly found in home-hardware closets. Here are some great ideas to turn duct tape into some clever creations guaranteed to last. 1. Hammock- Using several colors of duct

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Pinching Your Pennies? Make a Battery Out of Them!

So this type of project might not give you free energy, power up your TV or light up your house, it may give some extra juice to a calculator or LED.  Plus, its a fun way to teach your children

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