IDT Energy Power to Choose

Power to ChooseCompetition Creates Consumer Savings

For the last decade, public service commissions and state legislatures, along with local utilities, in certain states have empowered consumers by deregulating their energy markets. This deregulation fosters competition among suppliers for electric and natural gas supply, leading to savings for you, the consumer.

Where Savings Are Created

Your energy service is broken up into two parts, supply and delivery.

In the past, the price of electricity and natural gas was state-regulated, and your local utility company provided both supply and delivery. Now consumers have the freedom to choose their electric and natural gas suppliers, while retaining their current utility companies to provide the delivery of those energy supplies.

This freedom of choice gives you the power to lower your energy bill by shopping for the best energy rates.

IDT Energy is a qualified and authorized supplier working in cooperation with local utility companies to facilitate the delivery of electric and natural gas utilizing your local utility’s existing infrastructure. And because IDT Energy offers a variable rate, we save you the hassle of a constant search for the lowest rate. Our mission is a simple one — to help reduce your annual energy expenses.