IDT Energy — Empowering Consumers


Founded in 2004, IDT Energy first delivered energy supply services to customers in New York State. Since then, IDT Energy has entered the deregulated states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Illinois and Washington DC. We have grown into one of the leading suppliers of electric and natural gas in these new markets and have become one of the largest Retail Energy Providers (REPs) in the United States.

Gone are the days of a utility industry dominated by monopolies in these states. IDT Energy empowers customers to choose their energy supplier. In recent years, more than 1,000,000 residences and small businesses have enrolled in IDT Energy® services.

The key to IDT Energy’s success is our dedication to customer choice. We offer flexible rate plans without long-term commitments, up-front deposits, sign-up fees, early termination fees or cancellation penalties.

Our mission is simple — to help reduce your annual energy expenses. Throughout the year, as electric and natural gas rates rise and fall, IDT Energy scours the wholesale energy markets seeking the best rates. Those savings are passed along to our customers. We work in cooperation with the local utilities who continue to read the meters, bill for service, provide customer support and respond to service calls. To ensure satisfaction, IDT Energy’s Customer Care professionals are just a phone call away and based right here in the USA.

For consumers concerned about the environment, IDT Energy offers affordable solutions for clean and renewable energy. These green solutions are derived from wind, running water and the sun — all sources that ensure protection of the environment.

By offering choice, reliability and savings, IDT Energy is empowering consumers and changing the way families and small businesses purchase energy.


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IDT Energy is introducing our SmartBudget rate for select utilities. The SmartBudget rate guarantees your supply rate for 12 months. This means there are no rate spikes or surprises. Best part is, with IDT Energy’s SmartBudget, there are no termination fees! Don’t get locked into a long-term contract. There are no hidden costs, up-front fees or deposits.

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